Korova Milk Bar

200 Avenue A / 12th Street

Korova Milk Bar is designed partially to mimic the futuristic drug den in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange; but video screens displaying bizarre films and the distorted mannequins reaching out of the walls and tables go farther than even he dared to envision. Nevertheless, it is a wonderfully comfortable, clean, and spacious environment.

Though the bar is best known for its diverse reinterpretations of the classic Martini and Margarita, it has a selection of potent dairy drinks wittily named after dead celebrities. Most distinguished are a peaches and cream flavored vodka concoction named for JonBenet Ramsey, and an orange flavored mix "frothy head optional" named for Vic Morrow (who was decapitated in the filming of The Twilight Zone movie.) Closed circut monitors above the bar, in the booths, even in some of the mannequins display bizarre cult movies all night long.

All-in-all, Korova is designed with a very sardonic wit; an ideal hangout for the twisted and morbid.

Commentary by Clifford Hartleigh Low, Saturday, August 7, 1998.