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I think the closest I've gotten to a real intro was talking about my magazine (which I'll do again) so here goes for an introduction that actually talks about me. So here is the Timothy James Intro-

Appearance - I am 6'3" with brown hair dyed black, I used to be a very skinny goth boy, I'm not fat now, but I'm not 2 dimensional anymore. I am as my AOL name would tell you, usually CLAD IN BLACK, I don't get to freak out for my day job (see below) and people sometimes don't recognize me in my mundane world disguise if they've met me at a club (and vice-versa). If you want to see pictures, just look at I made it with AOL's web page designer (I've been too lazy to learn HTML yet, but I want to)

Sexuality: Lesboy. Well, that's a term some of my friends came up with for me. About 75% of the women I've been with have been bi, and I get typed as gay by mundanes. I almost got gay-bashed in the town I grew up in (Babylon, on Long Island) which I found ironic since I'm not gay and the leader of the bashers said "That's a fag on you're shirt", it was a cure shirt, and the jerk didn't care that Robert Smith is married. I am single and a total flirt. I respect everyone's sexual choices (if I get hit on by a guy I usually say, "I'm not gay, I don't dress well enough."

Work: During the day I'm a prostitute, well a temp actually, but it's pretty much the same (you call the agency, tell them you're available, and they call you back and tell you where you're going), it pays the bills (usually) and I'd be glad to refer any out of work computer literate folks to decent agencies. The rest of the time I have is devoted to my magazine, The New York Edge ( should be up soon, I'll let everyone know when) which is an enhanced CD magazine on cutting edge artists (music, fashion, fiction, photography, etc.) we've done an interview with Meat Beat Manifesto, and we'll be doing interviews with MM and Trent Reznor. We also feature music frrom Bell Book and Candle, Nomenclature, Stiffs, Inc., and Voltaitre. More details are available thorugh the page when it's up, or e-mail me. Our motto is "Subscribe and Submit"

Clubs: I used to be a promoter, I ran Armageddon and Legion on Long Island, was the promotional manager for Voodoo & Mesh (also on LI) and the Biohazzard Ball at Manray in Cambridge, MA. I also did the door at Damage at The Pyramid (with Charlotte Sometimes) and have done a fashion show at Communion at Limelight, and my magazine has done two preview parties (one at Remission at Pyramid, one at 313 Gallery). I used to go to: Paris NY, Spize II, Thrush, The Loop, 2424, 007, The Building, Limelight, Troublemaker, Ward 6, Parallax and many others. I currently go to Remission at Pyramid the most (80's music and a dance floor bigger then my parents den), I go to Alchemy when I can (I don't like taking the subway back to Bay Ridge alone afterwards, any LI or Brooklyn goths looking for gas money in exchange for a ride?) and sometimes go to Click and Drag, Bank and Batcave (but not since the boycotts), I've been to the most recent Shadowplay (got there at 2 AM) and I love to dance.

Still reading? Wow!

Music: My tastes here cover a pretty wide area, These are the bands I've seen live:Depeche Mode, The Cure, MBM, Consolidated, Siouxsie & The Banshees, TKK, FLA, Sunshine Blind, Switchblade Symphony, Morrissey, Erasure, Nitzerebb, New Order, PIL, The Sugarcubes, James, Violent Femmes, House of Pain, NIN, OMD, Skinny Puppy, Pulp, Combustible Edison, Red Flag, The Cockteau Twins, The Afghan Whigs, APB, Nuebaten, Cabaret Voltaire, Die Krupps and a lot of unsigned bands. If I listed all the bands I LIKED, it would take forever.

Movies: Anything by Stanley Kubrick (Clockwork, Full Metal Jacket, 2001....), Blade Runner, The Hunger, Repo Man, and a lot more.

Books: I've really been into Irvine Welsh lately, but I also loved Brave New World, stuff by Asimov, Michael Crichton (even though he's so sold out) and a great deal more.

Now that you're eyes are tearing from all this, feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to be involved with The New York Edge, or would like to talk to me.