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Another intro for the file

I am dorian Angello (a good scottish name a?). I have been on the list for only a few months so Iíll try to elaborate on my original intro a bit (oh joy oh joy).

I am *not* from here (ny) - I am from a little beach town in the Tampa Bay area of Fl, and I am not adjusting to this silly cold weather stuff at all! Yes I am one of those rare goths who love the sun, beach, surfing, sailing, & etc. A very typical cancer I love the water...

I came here to NY to put myself into lifelong debt and get a masters in communications design at Pratt. Woo wee! Before coming here I spent about four years out working on cruise ships. I was one of those annoying people who run around trying to keep everyone busy. But, having to wear white pants, smile 24/7 , and teaching dance classes to little old ladies, I was ready to take a hostage! So here I am.

I work at Pratt as a pt computer geek , am doing a teaching assistantship, and work as a freelance designer. The *way* coolest thing that is going on for me now is that I was recently brought in (as the token short guy) to the New Creatures! A band, and group of guys, I can't say enough good stuff about.

What do I look like you ask (and you were about to)? Well Iím 5í5, 128lbs and older than rocks! I'm kind of easy to spot - I have a certain fondness for berets, scarfs, bandannas, hats... and black skirts. I enjoy dancing to music almost as much as a do writing and playing it. In my next life I want to be a dancer - oh ya, and tall! I am also kind of talkative and a bit of a flirt (or so some (no names) would say ;)

Favorite music includes: Incubus Succubus, Faith and the Muse, Psychedelic Furs, Depeche, Catherine Wheel,Cocteau Twins, Cure, Rose Chronicles, Single Gun Theory, Charlatans, London After Midnight, My Bloody Valentine, Curve, Goddess Moon Car, Rosewater Elizabeth, Cast of Shadows (my solo projects), The New Creatures, Seven Nations, Moev, Voltaire, Xymox, Irish / Scottish folk songs, old blues and jazz,... Blah blah blah.

Favorite writers: Vonnegut, Sartre, Kafka, and anything having *nothing* to do with my thesis.

Favorite artists: Mark Tansey, Kathe Kollwitz, Ernst Kirchner...

Hobbies: painting (metaphysical / psychologial pictorial representation - who but an art student could come up with that?), & biking

Beliefs: Agnostic Existentialist with a growing interest in metaphysics

*** I am dyslexic so keep your eye out for all kinds of wacky spellings in my posts. Really - it can be quite funny sometimes. The government wants to use my spelling *style* for its new encryption system. he he

If you need to know more than this I can refer you to my "stalk dorian" hot line.

****Ask your Dj to play local music****