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Well, since I've been on this list since october 1995, and since my life has changed radically since then (my last intro was probably mostly about being stuck in nash-hell), here is a new one.

My name is Sarah Wilkins, I'm 23 years old as of March 5th. That makes me a pisces, Pisces are cool...right charles? ;) I am New York born and raised, but unfortunately spent my college years in nash-hell, tn. I dont like to think about that much. I moved back here last may and eventually got a job working for Mikaela (and currently with lacrima and melody too), and found an apt. so I could move out of the lair of the evile parents. I am moving again soon though......hopefully I'll get an apt today. Wish me luck!

I like to read alot. Recently I have been reading the Blood Countess (which was actually a lot less cheesy than it sounds), Still life with woodpecker (I really like tom robbins), player piano by vonnegut, A mary stewart arthurian novel (Im very into king arthur stuff), i am currently reading 3 novellas by tanith lee (book of the damned)

musically i like both goth and industrial, but am into industrial more. In the goth genre I like a lot of the projekt type stuff...especially ordo equitum solis. i Like will alot (whatever you might term them) and i love the cure I like industrial ranging from SPK and throbbing gristle and neubauten to ministry (land of rape and honey, mind is a terrible etc) and revco and pigface and skinny puppy to haujobb and wumpscutt and leatherstrip. oh and i like NIne inch Nails so ;P

As for what I look like. I'm 5'7", but i usually look taller cuz i like tall shoes. I have really long black hair (down to my butt) with (currently) a red streak. I have 10 piercings in my ears, both nipples, tongue and labret. i have a small tattoo and need another one. you can look at old pix on my page if you want...i think mostof youknow what i look like though.

I model for my friend michelle/ophelia unbound, we have a show on the 10th of may at click and drag i believe, so come :)

ok, thats about all for now.

eliane, Succubus Smurf and BitchGoddess, beyond evil		or
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