From: Sue Kossoy/NewYork/EALaw
Date: 22 Apr 97  4:29:51 EDT
Subject: Me

All right, all right, peer pressure is a bitch.

I'm Spider. I've been on the list a bit over a year. I might have my old intro somewhere in a pile of floppy disks, but I'm not going to take the trouble to dig it out. I do, however, seem to remember that it included

Spider Grandmother's Rules of Life

1) Keep busy
2) Stay Focused
3) Practice Your Art
4) Wait
5) If what you build gets torn down, don't whine -- rebuild
6) Wait
7) When what you're waiting for comes along, jump on it
8) Don't forget to wrap some up for later

and a warning for the terminally testosterone poisoned:

Spider Grandmother sez men are just sacs of protein: Fuck 'em, bite their heads off, feed 'em to your babies.

This is a good general rule to follow, I suppose, tho in reality there are one or two survivors on the list.

I'm 33, was born on Long Island and now live in Queens, in a basement, with two demented pit fiends cunningly disguised as cats. I'm 5-foot-9, abundant of figure as well as of sheer gall. I have standard issue GothGirl Type #3A Hair: dyed-black, straight, long-enough-to-sit-on. When you encounter a cluster of nycgoth-women gleefully engaging in vicious gossip, I'm the one with the glasses and the cigarette. (The one with glasses and a cigarette who's *blushing* is Heather). I have a nose ring, about 10 or so earrings and a couple of others dangling on my person here and there; I'm also quite likely, especially in the next week or two, to hike my skirts at a moment's notice to show off my newest tattoo.

Oh yeah. I wear black. And a lot of silver jewelry. ;)

I'm a 15-year member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an occasional gamer and very rarely a LARPer, but have still managed to avoid total flakedom (don't ask me how, I'm just repeating what people have told me).

I'm a priestess of Hekate, a devotee of Persephone and beloved spawn of Spider Grandmother herself. Cliff (he of the Great Cozmic Flush) and I are trying to start a "darkside" circle/coven, and we welcome *serious* inquiries.

Most of the music I listen to was written between the turn of the last millenium and the most recent turn of the century, with emphasis on traditional Irish, English and Scottish music and the music of the Middle Ages. Even my favorite "modern" music is "old": Velvet Underground, New York Dolls, Stiff Little Fingers, Cramps. I also like Dead Can Dance, Warren Zevon, and some goth and industrial (whew, it's okay for me to be on this list!).

I work for a living. I've been a pornographer, an occult and astrology writer, a magazine editor. I still do freelance writing on occult subjects, but pay the rent through an exceedingly straight job (disguised as my mild mannered alter ego). I may live in a basement, but it's MY basement, not my parents'.

Like many people on this list, I can be a lot friendlier than I appear at a first encounter -- or a complete bitch on a stick, depending on my mood at the time. The best place to find me is at Sanctuary. I make occasional erratic appearances at other clubs, and when I do am likely to take off at a moment's notice for reasons known only to myself. I'm one of those people who may seem snobby when in fact I'm crushingly shy, so don't be afraid to come over and say hello to me, because I'm trying to get up the nerve to say hello to you. I may come across like I chew nails and spit flechettes, but in reality only eviscerate those who deserve it. If you have more than two synapses to rub together, we'll probably enjoy each other's conversation immensely.

Of course, I am brilliant, witty, multi-faceted, strikingly attractive, and unashamedly, gloriously debauched in my personal joys. But how could I be otherwise?

That's enough for public consumption. If you want to know anything else, ask me. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Yours supernally, Spider