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Hi everyone. I'm Vladislav. I recently moved to the NYC area (about 45 min-1 hour north of the city) approximately 5 months ago. I'm 29 years old, male, have long blonde hair, and blue eyes. I am slavic by birth; as a result, I have deathly pale skin, which is kinda cool, since I look like a vampire without having to don make-up (not that I don't mind wearing it, mind you *grin*). [Sorry, for the short descriptive, folks, but I'm not 100% what you want in the way of an intro post. So, I figured I'd throw it out there, for what it's worth.]

I'm a guitar and keyboard player with a classical background in both. In highschool, I cut my teeth in the hardcore punk scene; later on, as I grew up (or became more twisted. Take your pick..hehe..), I blossomed into a full fledge Goth and began to move in those circles--even dated for a while a woman who thought she was the re-incarnation of Allister Crowely (a very wierd and interesting experience, to say the least!) Some of the bands I've played for are YAO, Chariot of Tears, and Vanilla Grunge. I doubt you've heard of any of these since these bands were from the Midwest scene. YAO and Chariot of Tears released between them three albums total. The most notable band that YAO ever opened up for was the Misfits at the now defunct OK Corral in Dallas, TX. So, whow knows? Maybe, some of the more well traveled here may have heard of these.

Besides playing music, I also like to write short vignettes and poetry. Some of my favorite bands are Skinny Puppy, Alien Sex Fiend, Tear Garden, Lycia, old Cocteau Twins, Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Chris and Cosey, Flower Pot Men, Foetus, Type O Negative, The Nymphs, KMFDM, Curve, My Life With Thrill Kill Cult--just to name a few. (Btw, if anyone knows were I can pick up a copy of ASF's Acid Bath, let me know. I'm willing to pay top dollar for it.) I can appreciate just about anything on an aesthetic level, even if whatever-it-is doesn't necessarily "float my boat".

Anyway, I hope this short intro will suffice. Of course, if anyone would like to know more, feel free to ask. I promise to answer those questions that I feel like answering *wry grin*. Glad I found this list! Glad to be here!