As a part of our attempt to support and publicize dark art created by New York City residents, we have created a virtual gallery. An image from the gallery appears at the end of most of the pages on this site. This gallery displays a randomized set of roughly a hundred photographs of models, original artwork, sculpture, and craftwork created by members of the NYC Gothic-Industrial communities.

Assembling these initial gallery submissions have been a tremendous amount of work on the part of many excellent artists and models who have committed their time and effort. Deepest thanks are extended to our photographers: Rachel Kleinman, Bill Mackey, and Risa Wolf. Endless thanks and adoration to our primary artist, who contributed images to the gallery as well: Kurt Komoda. Thanks and appreciation to the numerous models who stomped and shuffled around NYC, just to dazzle you: Jill Barone, Christine Brosky, William Evans, John Hopkins, Varick, Clifford Low, Christine Johnes, Kit Messick, Cassie Rovitti, Kerry Smith, Emily St. Germaine, Carol Tessitore, and Leonora Unser-Schutz.

If you are interested in submitting material for the Gallery, please contact this site's staff and tell us as much as you can about your work.