A Center of the Arts

It is very possible that Manhattan Island has more art per square inch than any other metropolitan area in the U.S. World-renowned cultural institutions such as the Met, the MOMA, the Guggenheim, and the Whitney are among the 150+ museums covering the small island. That's not even beginning to count the performance artists, the theatres, the movie houses showing independent and foreign films that would send most Hollywood executives screaming into the night, and the literary readings and slams. Even eating and drinking are art forms in New York City, with restaurants and bars displaying an amazing range of atmospheres for every taste.

But not only the finished fruits of the muse are to be found here. New York City has long been considered the place to run to for struggling artists of all varieties. Why? Perhaps because the city that never sleeps embraces all drives, including the drive to create. Perhaps it is because of the sheer wealth of material generated by the unceasing activity of such a mass of humanity. Perhaps because of the readily available audience full of a diversity of tastes to support every vision. Perhaps because of the stimulating company of other artists, who can be found in every part of the city but congregate especially in the legendary East Village.

What is the result for you, the visitor? An unparalleled chance to see art in its larval and in its finished forms, in any medium you please and any concentration you desire, in an atmosphere that cherishes the artist and may very well awaken your own muse.

Commentary by the Convergence 7 Committee, August, 2000.