A Fashion Center

The city is home to the couture fashions of Calvin Klein and Donna Karan, as well as street-savvy designs by Betsey Johnson and Todd Oldham. Along with London, New York was ground zero for punk style— New Yorkers Tish & Snooky were the first to import wild hair dyes from the UK to the US, hence Manic Panic— and has been a gothic shopping mecca for decades.

In the Village, you'll find enough PVC clothing and pointy boots to max out even the highest credit limit. Stores such as Religious Sex, Trash, and Purple Passion sell exquisite fetish gear and stylish footwear that put the "nice boots" back into "nice boots... wanna fuck?" Thrift shoppers and vintage clothing fans will find plenty of incredibly funky and cheap garments and accessories from the 1800s thru the 1970s at Antique Boutique. Those requiring a makeup fix need only stroll over to Sephora on Fifth Avenue to see every conceivable color of face paint spread before them in a decadent rainbow.

Commentary by the Convergence 7 Committee, August, 2000.