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NYC Gothic

The city itself is predominantly gray, usually overcast with reddish clouds in the evening. Its skyscrapers are slablike and festooned with gargoyles, the few exceptions looking from a distance like modernist renditions of church steeples.

Beneath the prickly skyline, beneath flashing neon and corporate fluorescent shine, the city is covered in a blanket of centuries old soot and decay. It is in the air, on the walls, on the streets, in the subways, on the clothes, in the food; it should be no great surprise that it inevitably seeps into the souls of those who linger here.

Brawls, copulation, and narcotic delirium flicker up like ghoulish fireflies and then fade away, only to flash out again in another spot when you least expect it.

On the outskirts of the city especially, history bubbles through the thin crust without warning. Sometimes, one may discover vast cemeteries seized by weeds and harrowed by erosion. In the more affluent areas, colossal museums act as sanctuaries to a dying vision of existence much less bleak and vulgar.

Despite occasional oases of beauty and refinement, the city is fuelled by bitterness, lust and greed. This makes it one of the most fascinating and diverse cities in the world—some say it is a world into itself—but it also makes it a city of unparalleled darkness and secrets. It is decadent, cruel, diseased, frightening, and outrageous.

A perfect roost for people like us.

Chrysler Pinnacle in Hell


Demonic Lust


I am Clifford Hartleigh Low, and I will be your guide to Gothic and Industrial resources throughout the New York City area; from well-known don't-miss spots to fabulous and obscure finds.

I believe that you will find this website to be an incredible resource, whether you are contemplating visiting the region, or are a local person looking for something new. You will also find digital coupons and bargains for a diversity of essential vendors and institutions, and fascinating documentation dealing with the music, region, and subcultures that we love.

New York City is, by most standards, the home of the most energetic and creative Gothic and Industrial scenes in the United States. At the moment, there are several club events of interest, and numerous merchants who relish folk like us as clientele.

This Internet outreach of the NYC Gothic and Industrial community has been active since June 13th 1995, in the form of a highly active mailing list which remains a wing of this project. This particular website was opened on Halloween 1998.

If you are aware of events, merchants, or advertisers who you believe deserve a more prominent presence on this site, please contact us immediately. Thank you.

Clifford Low


Sleeping Goth

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